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Will it hurt?

Your safety is always a number one priority. If you are ever uncomfortable with any of our machines or tech please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your comfortability. 

Our dilation drops do tend to have a minor sting feeling but it does not last long.


What is astigmatism?


When can I get back to work?


How long is the appointment?

Our eye exam appointments are usually 30-45 minutes with the doctor and an additional 15 mintues, longer if dilation is required so expect at least 45 mins for the appointment. 

Glasses appointments can vary whether your picking up your new pair or looking for something new.

How often should I get my eyes checked?

Over the age of 65, your optometrist will strongly recommend yearly check ups.

Ages 18-64, recommended every two years, sooner if issues.

Children under 18, every year as eyes will change with growth.

When am I eligible?

Adults ages 18+: Every two years as insurance will then try to help cover the cost of the appointment and/or glasses/contact lenses

Children 0-17: Eligible once a year, billing through an active Saskatchewan Health card


Can I drive after the surgery?


Why do my eyes need to be dilated?

How can I take care of my glasses?
  • Always use two hands when putting on and taking off

  • Keep in a case

How can I take care of my contact lenses?
  • Never reuse old solution. That's gross.

  • Only use saline for rinsing, never for cleaning.

  • Never put lenses in after you've rinsed them in hydrogen peroxide (H202). Always neutralize them first. Otherwise pain. 

  • Don't touch the tip of the bottle. Touching the tip to the counter, your fingers, a towel, etc. could spread bacteria to your lenses.

  • Never put your contacts under tap water. It can carry eye irritants and bacteria. Only rinse and disinfect your lenses with contact solution.

  • Always store in recommended solution

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